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This Family Movies You Can Stream Now

There is no better way to spend your holiday than to watch movies along with your family. There are many Telugu movies online that you can watch along with your family and enjoy. You can watch these Telugu movies on a reputed OTT site called aha.

You can find movies like Colour photo, Gaali Sampath and Manchi Rojulochaie and stream them on the site. In this guide, you will learn more in detail about these movies and know what to expect from them.

Family Movies to Stream Now on aha

There are many family movies you can stream on aha but out of them, and there are some popular movies you must stream now. The Telugu movies that you must stream on aha’s OTT site are as follows:

  • Colour photo

This is a good Telugu film directed by Sandeep Raj that stars Suhas, Chandini Chowdary, Sunil, and Viva Harsha in lead roles. This is a Telugu movie where you can learn a lot and enjoy your time watching with your family.

The story revolves around Jayakrishna(Suhas), a dark-skinned person who falls in love with Deepu(Chandni Chowdary) but keeps his feelings to himself. With time, a gang in a college beats him up, bringing Deepu closer to him, but this does not sit well with Deepu’s brother, watch this movie to know what happens next.

  • Gaali Sampath

You can watch Gaali Sampath and other Telugu movies online only on aha. Gaali Sampath is a Telugu movie that can make you and your family laugh a lot. The film is directed by Anish Krishna and stars Rajendra Prasad, Sree Vishnu, Lovely Singh, Sathya, and Tanikella Bharani.

Gaali Sampath (Rajendra Prasad) lives with his son Soori (Sree Vishnu) in a village called Araku. He is called “Gaali” as he is mute due to an unfortunate accident that changed his life forever. Gaali Sampath is an aspiring actor, and in an unfortunate turn of events, his passion disrupts his son’s dream to own a truck and also spoils his love life. Watch the movie on aha to learn more.

  • Manchi Rojulochaie

This is a comedy Telugu movie that is directed by Maruthi Dasari and stars Santosh Shoban, Mehreen Pirzada, Ajay Ghosh, and Vennela Kishore. This is a film that had been promoted a lot before its release and is also a film that is meant to be watched with families.

Gopal Tirumalasetti(Ajay Ghosh) loves his daughter and is very protective of her. But, Santu(Santhosh Shoban) and Padma are in love with each other. Gopal learns about the love story and is told that his daughter’s love can mess up his happiness. Gopal, upset, starts making issues to save his daughter. Watch the movie to find out how Santu can win over his would-be father-in-law.

Stream the Latest Telugu Movies on aha

If you are a fan of Telugu family movies like the ones mentioned above, you can choose to watch them on aha. aha is one of the largest OTT sites to watch the latest Telugu films with your family and friends.

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